Questions about Broadleaf Commerce and this Forum

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Questions about Broadleaf Commerce and this Forum

Postby aclark » Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:18 am

My first question is about the forum. Do the developers ever log on and read problems? It seems like the only way to get help with problems with this product is to buy the support.

My next question is about Broadleaf Commerce in general.

Has anyone came up with a work around for the stupid implementation of Product Options on the product page and the search facets? Currently in Broadleaf, when you navigate to a product page it shows all the option values from the table on the product. Event the options do not correspond to that specific product. I am building a store for my self and one of my shirts only comes in one color but when I navigate to the product page it shows options for every color in the DB. The same thing happens with the search facets. On the left hand side, if I click Blue as a search criteria it shows all my shirts not just the ones that are actually sold in blue. This seems like a big feature to mess up on.

I have already submitted a issue about this on GitHub but it doesn't look like the developers are active on GitHub that often or on these forums either. My store does not make enough to justify not using the community edition.

Any help would be appreciated.

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