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Application NOT coming up after DB update

Posted: Mon May 18, 2015 9:32 pm
by sumit784

I have updated my complete database including :-

- categories
- Products
- images


I have tested them and it all worked fine. All the product are showing up on web ui.
I restarred the server and now nothing loads on website ( localhost:8080) . Its NOT even going to any of my debug points.
Interesting thing is , the admin is still loading and seems to be working fine. I have test it. So, the "Localhost:8080/admin" is loading and showing all the admi options, but localhost:8080 (site) is NOT coming up.

Can someone suggest me, what may be wrong. Its not even coming to any of my debug points, so that I can debug.

I am stuck. Can someone help me.

I have tried connecting it to my old DB where it was running previously, but now the site is NOT loiading there as well. but, admin is still loading and works fine ?

- Sumit