Deploying Broadleaf Demo on Openshift

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Deploying Broadleaf Demo on Openshift

Postby gondezz » Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:31 am

I'm trying to deploy the current version of Broadleaf (4.0) on Openshift.

I followed the following tutorial to run Tomcat 8 on Openshift; and deployed the WAR file ... quickstart

I was able to load the WAR file successfully. However, whenever I try to access the demo site; The Tomcat gear is restarted (1 small gear is allocated to the project).

When I checked the logs, there are no errors logged. So, I'm wondering if anyone has successfully run the demo site on Openshift? Is 1 small gear (512MB RAM if not mistaken) too small to run Broadleaf (MySQL is also running on the same gear)? Thank you for any help or tips that you guys can provide.

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