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Tomcat - Paypal demo checkout option not working

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:00 am
by ganeshikhar

I have downloaded the And using this I have built the admin & mycompany war file. And deployed it in separate tomcat on port 8081 on my local windows system.

Now using mycompnay application in Chrome browser (http://localhost:8081/mycompany), the home page and other functionality is working , But when I add an item in cart and do the "paypal" checkout option , I am getting 404 error for "http://localhost:8081/hosted/sample-checkout" , /hosted/sample-checkout not available.

I tried to change it to http://localhost:8081/mycompany/hosted/sample-checkout , it is saying that "GET" method not supported.
Whereas the same paypal checkout (http://localhost:8080/hosted/sample-checkout) is working when I run it by using DemoSite-broadleaf-5.0.1-GA , startsite.bat file.

Can someone please help me in solving this issue with standalone Tomcat server ?