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Extending Entities

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:55 am
by danielpinna
Good morning people,

Trying to extend an existing entity, I followed the tutorial step by step:
Https:// ... g-entities

But it did not work ..... The tutorial says that we should create a new entity, but in what project should we create the entity (admin, core, ecommerce-website or website)?

The same thing happens when the tutorial says that we should include a bean in the application context, the same file exists in the sub-project core, site, and ecommerce-website. Which file should we work on?

Lastly when the tutorial says that we should add the class in the persistence.xml file, there is no persistence.xml file but a file called persistence-core.xml, and the file exists inside the core and ecommerce-website. In which should we add the class?

This lack of detail in the documentation is very bad because we need to be guessing where to move and we waste a lot of time on it. You might even stop using the tool that looks very good!