unable to use paypal controller in 3.0.GA

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unable to use paypal controller in 3.0.GA

Postby ankitpatni » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:01 am


I have migrated my project from broadleaf commerce 2.2.0-GA to 3.0-GA version. But unfortunately I'm unable to use PayPal payment method in broadleaf 3.0-GA.

I also try to implement PayPal payment method in a fresh workspace of 3.0-GA, but unable to run the show.

I check the compatibility chart but couldn't found any compatible module for 3.0 version.

Is anyone here try to implement PayPal module on 3.0.GA successfully ???

I really appreciate your help if you can provide me some detail on 3.0.GA with PayPal module. I try the way i did in 2.2.-GA but its not working :(.

Thanks & Regards,
Ankit Patni

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Re: unable to use paypal controller in 3.0.GA

Postby phillipuniverse » Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:52 am

Use 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT for 3.0.

I'm updating the compatibility chart at the moment. Although I know we don't have anything referencing it on docs.broadleafcommerce.org, all of our docs are in a GitHub repository that you can make pull requests on. The compatibility chart specifically is at https://github.com/BroadleafCommerce/do ... ibility.md.

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